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How to Improve the BPC User Experience, Part Two: With a Developer

After my last blog post, How to Improve the SAP BPC User Experience, Part One: Without a Developer, I’d like to share five ways to improve it WITH the help of a developer!

A developer can assist in enhancing your BPC experience, as they have seen a...

Darwin EPM is the next evolution in

Enterprise Performance Management.

Darwin EPM is a set of modules expertly designed to complement SAP BPC through quality-assured functionality, delivering optimized design patterns and an outstanding user experience.

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Why Darwin.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is vital to organizational success. Connecting strategy, operations and finance in planning is fundamental to EPM success. EPM users must be enabled with a system that rapidly supports current and evolving business process needs. Darwin EPM delivers a comprehensive, integrated system delivering depth and rich functionality in strategy, operations and finance - all on a common platform utilizing latest SAP technology.

  • Best Design

    Darwin EPM is a uniquely developed software solution delivering the best design for EPM processes. This best design, existing within each Darwin module, is derived from hundreds of successful solution implementations.

  • Best Practice

    Our signature best practice for Darwin EPM solutions ensures efficient, high value solutions delivery with the least risk and lowest cost.

  • Best Technology

    Darwin EPM harnesses leading SAP EPM technology to provide the best available EPM functionality and user experience. It eliminates the need for additional development on top of an underlying proprietary technology.  


    Darwin EPM was developed by a team of EPM experts with extensive industry-spanning, hands-on implementation experience.


    Darwin EPM delivers ready-made EPM functionality meeting immediate organizational needs by following a set installation and configuration sequence, offering the best value return in the shortest time.  


    Darwin EPM is tested to the highest standard, ensuring it meets global customer demand. These tests include solution performance, a critical component of Darwin quality assurance.

  • Prebuilt, Configurable Modules

    Darwin EPM is delivered through prebuilt, high quality modules, rich in function and designed to be easily configured for specific customer and organization needs.

  • Rapid, Hands-On Experience

    Using prebuilt, configurable modules and prescriptive installation and configuration approaches, Darwin customers gain quick access to their BPC solution after purchase.

  • Flexible, Incremental Capabilities

    Darwin enables organizational EPM capabilities in a simple and straightforward approach. It is flexible to specific customer needs and requirements, aligning overall EPM capabilities with customer priorities.


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Versatility Meets Simplicity.

The Darwin EPM suite integrates solution modules to provide comprehensive, agile enterprise performance management for organizations across all industries. Using the suite of modules, people can confidently work in particular areas confident that all plans, actions and decisions are aligned with the entire organization's goals and objectives.

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"Darwin's interface was much more pleasing to our users, it doesn't look like a crude Excel experience, but more of an application."

CTO, Global Sporting Goods Company

"Darwin has exceeded our expectations, and our users are now excited to be engaged in the EPM process. A big change from our prior EPM experiences."

- CFO, Global Financial Services Company

"The purchase process worked much better for us. We were able to see exactly what we were getting as opposed to going through page after page of requirements we were expected to agree to when we haven't really worked with the product yet. Darwin was much easier to buy with confidence that the solution would fully meet our needs."

- FP&A VP, Global Financial Services Company

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