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How to Improve the BPC User Experience, Part Two: With a Developer

After my last blog post, How to Improve the SAP BPC User Experience, Part One: Without a Developer, I’d like to share five ways to improve it WITH the help of a developer!

A developer can assist in enhancing your BPC experience, as they have seen a...

About Darwin EPM

Darwin EPM Company:

Darwin EPM comes from a group of industry-experienced people who believe that EPM needs to be a fundamental strategy for organizations….

Based on our years of developing Analytics & EPM software solutions for over 1000 global customers, we felt that for this technology to achieve its true potential, something needed to change. We needed a radical new approach that diverged from the legacy approach fraught with a frustratingly high failure rate to consistently achieve the high-value transformative results clients covet. We decided to develop a product that delivers real out-of-the-box solutions…and enables a new way of unlocking value with this software.

Darwin EPM is the result of our innovative R&D. The company and product are engineered to leverage our deep domain knowledge, fueled by our passion to deliver great solutions for our valued customers, and inspired by our vision to put forward nothing short of a new way of managing global enterprises based on superior data-driven decision making. Decisions Driven by Timely and Relevant Data Delivered at the Speed of Business.

  • TEAM – Developed by industry-leading top EPM solution engineers
  • FUNCTIONALITY – Features delivered out-of-the-box that could not be justified on a legacy project
  • QUALITY –Rigorously tested solution
  • STRUCTURE – Building a base of satisfied clients is our singular goal
  • SUPPORT – Supported by dedicated Darwin team
  • MAINTAINABILITY – Professional documentation included
  • ENHANCEMENTS – Continuous improvements available to add value
  • FUTURE PROOF – Committed to SAP product roadmap – will provide an upgrade to future versions & leverage improvements
  • TECHNOLOGY – Built on a tested, robust platform that performs better than anything out of the box with BPC

Darwin EPM is the Evolution of Data Personified.


When you work at Darwin EPM you experience the feel of a small company but with a global perspective. Darwin EPM delivers a comprehensive, integrated system delivering depth and rich functionality in strategy, operations, and finance - all on a common platform utilizing the latest SAP technology.

We are always interested in recruiting the best people to help us achieve our goals.


Sr. Vice President of Channels & Business Development

Job Description & Responsibilities:

The Sr. Vice President of Channels & Business Development works as a member of the Darwin Engagement Team to coordinate and oversee the successful completion of all aspects of Darwin projects. The Sr. Vice President of Channels & Business Development is to lead and direct the business development team to meet or exceed sales revenue, sales profitability, and budgetary objectives. The Sr. Vice President of Channels & Business Development works closely with the Darwin Engagement Team to ensure project deliverables meet specifications and success criteria and are completed within the timelines laid out in the project plan.

This role’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Development and implementation of global software channels within the organization incorporating channel program development
  • Devise, implement and modify as needed specific sales strategy that aligns with company goals
  • Compile and review quantitative sales data and react rapidly to changing trends
  • Extensive knowledge of contractual frameworks
  • Coordinate with various teams and stakeholders as required
  • Formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of their business or their area of functional responsibility, such as developing the strategic marketing plan, in addition to implementing the overall strategic direction.
  • Set clear goals and objectives for the team
  • Maintain acute awareness of market and industry trends
  • Participate in the hiring and training of new team members
  • Provides global direction for a corporation or organization by developing short-term and long-term financial and operational goals
  • Works with other executive colleagues and departmental managers to implement plans and policies throughout the organization
  • Works with a team of assistants to monitor and track progress toward goals and measure analytics
  • Analyses the company’s financial statements and other indicators of performance in order to assess standing and financial position
  • Contribute to the maximization of efficiency and productivity
  • Manages a diverse, multi-disciplined team of professionals
  • Determines ways to reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve overall company performance
  • Engages in high-level negotiations to generate lucrative contracts or build beneficial relationships with companies and individuals
  • Updates the company’s executives and board of directors on organizational finances, operations, and progress toward goals
  • Represents the organization at conferences, meetings, and trade shows or at regional or national offices
  • Maintains in-depth knowledge of his or her particular industry and liaises with specialized colleagues for expert advice on financial, legal, and regulatory issues

Expected Experience, Skills, and Attributes

Required Experience, Skills, and Attributes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business management or related field; MBA or master’s in the related field is a plus
  • 5+ years significant experience in the EPM and or ERP industry; leadership or management experience is preferred
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Strong team-building skills and ability to motivate other
  • Team-player mindset and willingness to collaborate
  • Willing to take responsibility and act independently when necessary

Desired Experience, Skills, and Attributes:

  • Strategic orientation. Ability to look at the big picture, including customer business dynamics and enterprise strategic objectives, to draw a direct connection from those strategic considerations to the work we are doing or could be doing at that customer.
  • Interest in developing and growing our firm. Help identify ways for us to improve our practices, policies, procedures, and delivery processes to help scale our business and improve our organization. We are very appreciative of new ideas and suggestions for improvement.
  • Experience conducting enterprise business analysis including analysis of business drivers, KPIs, market dynamics, etc.

We are an equal opportunity employer offering competitive benefits packages including health insurance, 401k, and paid vacation within a friendly, comfortable working environment.

Job Type: Full-time


  • significant: 5 years


  • Bachelor's


  • Scottsdale, AZ