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How to Improve the BPC User Experience, Part Two: With a Developer

After my last blog post, How to Improve the SAP BPC User Experience, Part One: Without a Developer, I’d like to share five ways to improve it WITH the help of a developer!

A developer can assist in enhancing your BPC experience, as they have seen a...

Why Darwin.

Darwin EPM delivers a comprehensive, integrated system for organizations that delivers depth and rich functionality in Strategy, Operations and Finance on a common platform utilizing latest SAP technology.

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BEST design

Darwin EPM has been uniquely developed from the ground up to deliver the best design for EPM processes as part of the software solution. Our best design is derived from hundreds of real customer solution implementation experiences that we have distilled in to functionality within our Darwin Modules.


Our best practice for Darwin EPM solutions ensures that we deliver to customers and organizations the highest value in the most efficient approach with least risk and lower cost.


Darwin EPM harnesses and leverages the best and leading technology for EPM in the market based on SAP. Our investment is focused on providing the best business EPM functionality and experience and not on developing underlying, expensive proprietary technology.  


Darwin EPM is derived from being experts in the field of EPM with hands-on, real-life customer solution implementations across many different industries.


The Darwin Predictable, Prescriptive Approach is based on delivering out of the box EPM functionality that meets the immediate needs of organizations and follows a set installation and configuration sequence to give the best value return in the shortest time.  


All Darwin EPM is tested and quality assured to the highest standards to ensure it meets the needs and demands of our global customers and organizations including solution performance,  an important and critical component of the Darwin Quality Assurance.


Darwin EPM is delivered through prebuilt, high quality, functionally rich Darwin Modules designed for EPM functional processes that are easily configured for specific customer and organization needs.


Using the Darwin prebuilt, configurable Modules and prescriptive installation and configuration approach, customers and organizations benefit from being hands-on with the Darwin solution in fraction of the time compared to other EPM approaches.


Darwin has been designed to enable customers and organizations EPM capabilities in a simple and straightforward approach and be flexible to extend to specific customer needs and requirements and increment the overall EPM capabilities in line with customers priorities.

Making the Move to Darwin EPM:

Why choose Darwin EPM?


Time to Value

Darwin Modules are ready to go solutions that typically meet 80%-90% of specific EPM functional process needs. The Modules are enabled for rapid deployment that dramatically reduces the time to have an up and running solution delivering real value.

Quality Assured

All Darwin Modules are rigorously tested and quality assured to ensure they meet the standards needed for mission critical processes and user needs. Darwin EPM provides support and regular updates for each Module to ensure that quality and reliability is maintained on-going.  

Advanced Functionality

Each Module is carefully designed, comprehensive, best practice functional capabilities that span the basic to advanced needs of specific EPM functional processes. Module functionality includes extensible data model(s), business logic and rules, business process flows, input and report templates.

Seamless Integration

The Darwin platform running on SAP enables the tightest integration to SAP data sources and systems across processes. Darwin Modules utilize a common core Darwin platform that enables smooth flow of information and efficiencies throughout EPM process cycles, enabling data, business rules and calculations, security and operations to be readily shared, integrated and efficiently used across different Darwin Modules.

User Experience

In developing Darwin, we put tremendous focus and effort in designing the look, feel, interactions and capabilities of the Darwin User Experience. Darwin users have a modern, compelling, intuitive, consistent interface across all the Modules delivered through Excel and web browsers.    

Superior Performance

At the heart of EPM is the need for fast, responsive solutions that support the business calculations and data processing needed to plan and model functional processes. To support the fast, responsive, calculation, data processing need, Darwin EPM has developed the Darwin Calculation Engine (DarCE), that delivers incredible calculation and data processing capabilities across all Darwin Modules. Each Darwin Module has a rich set of predefined calculations which can be maintained and enhanced by business analysts and users via the DarCE UI without the need for specialist programming.


Darwin Modules are designed to deliver immediate value out of the box in a highly flexible approach. During installation, each Module is specifically configured to map and match to individual customer requirements spanning basic to more complex functionality. In addition, where additional, unique customer specific requirements are identified, these can be readily incorporated in to the Darwin Module as additional enhancements to that Module to fully support the needs.


The cost of ownership and maintainability of Darwin Modules has been designed to be low cost and simple respectively. This is achieved by providing a solution that is professionally supported by the experienced Darwin team through Darwin Support and Maintenance. Once a Darwin Module has been installed and configured, the ongoing maintenance and system administration can be managed by customer users.

Future Proofed

Darwin EPM is continually investing in the Darwin Core platform and the existing and new Darwin Modules to ensure customers and organizations have a future proofed and comprehensive approach for current and future EPM capabilities and needs. As the underlying SAP technology and technical capabilities evolves, Darwin ensures that customers can take advantage of the SAP roadmap without the need to reimplement or dramatically change an existing Darwin solution.

360 Degree Solution

Darwin EPM provides comprehensive training and documentation services spanning both business and technical perspectives for the Darwin Core platform and Darwin Modules. No matter where a customer initially starts with Darwin, there is a clear perspective on the value that will be gained from a 360 viewpoint and the potential strategy and roadmap for growing the EPM capabilities through Darwin.

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