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How to Improve the BPC User Experience, Part Two: With a Developer

After my last blog post, How to Improve the SAP BPC User Experience, Part One: Without a Developer, I’d like to share five ways to improve it WITH the help of a developer!

A developer can assist in enhancing your BPC experience, as they have seen a...

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How to Be a BPC Capital Planning Jedi Master

Posted by Matt Black on Mar 13, 2017 3:35:23 PM

Capital Project Planning in modern organizations is a year-round process, not just something that is undertaken once a year during the budget cycle.  So why do many EPM processes make it difficult for users to plan projects year-round?  By doing so, that forces user to resort to offline spreadsheets with little organizational visibility until the budget cycle begins.  When an individual has an idea for a project that would streamline a business process, the organization cannot afford to wait for three months until budget season.  An integrated approach to project planning allows users to take a project from conceptualization through approvals and execution.  This approach brings the tracking of capital projects into a standardized system, allowing for visibility throughout the organization during all phases of the project.  A key to the success of this approach is having separate but integrated BPC input schedules and reports focused on the level of detail appropriate to the different phases of a project.

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